Alok Nath accused of rape: Vinta Nanda says she is overwhelmed with the support she is getting

With more and more people coming out in open against their sexual offenders, it would not be wrong to say that Bollywood’s #MeToo movement has finally begun. The recent one to be allegedly accused of sexual harassment and rape is none other than senior actor Alok Nath.

Producer-writer Vinta Nanda accuses Alok Nath of rape and harassment

Filmmaker and writer Vinta Nanda in her Facebook post revealed that she was “brutalised” by actor Alok Nath at her own place after he offered to drop her home as she was intoxicated. After she became the writer of a series in which Nath was the lead actor, she went to his place upon his invitation, as she did not want to lose the job. She later quit the show.

Filmmaker and writer Vinta Nanda posted about an incident on her Facebook page accusing an “alcoholic” Alok Nath of raping her 19 years ago. No sooner did she reveal this, support started pouring in from all side. Speaking about the response she has been getting, she reportedly said that she is overwhelmed with the support she is getting. She also added that Tanushree Dutta has definitely has broken grass-ceiling but this has been going on from some time.

According to Vinta, if they don’t change, they will never change. Fortunately, it’s far behind in her case and the trauma is not that close as it’s to other people. She had really put herself and she felt that it’s important that young girls get a sense of confidence from that. She added that it’s a good time for women and girls and she thinks all should rally together to make sure that in future, nobody tries something that’s not respectful for women.

Here’s how celebrities in Bollywood have been applauding her courage to come out and speak about it.