'Bigg Boss 12' contestants jodi: Roshmi Banik and Mital Joshi

Most of us have been eagerly waiting for Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 12 to air, and as the time of the show’s premiere is drwaing closer, curiosity is touching the sky!

From what new the show is going to offer this time to who the finalised contestants are, all the Bigg Boss fans and followers want to know each and every detail about the show. 

To ease the tension a bit, we here will tell you about two contestants who are definitely entering the BB house and are all set to entertain you from inside the four walls of the fancy ‘underwater’ themed house.

One of the ‘vichitra jodi’ to enter the house is Roshmi Banik and Mital Joshi. 

Roshmi and Mital, who were friends in school, have now been enemies for the last eight to nine years as Mital accused Roshmi of stealing her boyfriend, while Roshmi had a different version of the story. 

According to her, Mital’s boyfriend got attracted to her and she even told about him to her. 

The two in fact have already entered the Bigg Boss outhouse, from where they had to make a vote appeal to the viewers. 

Here’s the full profile of the two ladies who will be seen on the popular reality TV show.

Name: Roshmi Banik

Year of Birth/Age: 1992/ 26 years                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Home Town: Kolkata                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Profession: Entrepreneur

Nature/Characteristics: Self-made, independent, enthusiastic, popular among boys, bubbly

Qoute on Bigg Boss: Excited about the show. It is like a dream come true and I am happy! 

Qoute on Bigg Boss partner: Roshmi says that Mital is liar. She also believes that she should talk less and listen more. 

Interesting Facts: Has an established leather business, but wants to enter the glamour industry in Mumbai  

Name: Mital Joshi                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Year of Birth/Age: 1991/ 27 years

Home Town:Kolkata

Profession: Makeup Artist 

Nature/Characteristics: Will be updated soon 

Qoute on Bigg Boss:Will go with the flow

Qoute on Bigg Boss partner: Roshmi is my enemy and a person who steals boyfriends

Interesting Facts: Will be updated soon