Bigg Boss 12: First 4 contestants have already entered the house, here's the full SCOOP!

Most of us have been eagerly waiting for Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 12 to air soon.

And even though, the show is going to premiere on September 16, a few contestants have already entered the massive house. 

However, it is not the main house that the contestants have entered, but the Bigg Boss outhouse. Last year, there was a Padosi house while this year they have an Outhouse.

There are two pairs of contestants, that is four participants who have entered the outhouse.

The first jodi to enter the house is Roshmi Banik and Mital Joshi, who were friends in school but have been enemies for the last eight to nine years as Mital accused Roshmi of stealing her boyfriend while Roshmi had a different version of the story. 

According to her, Mital’s boyfriend got attracted to her and she even told about him to her. 

The other jodi to enter outhouse is Kriti Verma and Surbhi Rana, who became buddies on Roadies Xtreme. While Himachal Pradesh’s Surbhi is a dentist by profession, Kriti is a GST officer.

And why have they entered the show before all the other contestants and what are they supposed to do?

Bigg Boss gave each contestant two minutes and asked them to make a vote appeal.

They had to pitch why viewers should vote for them, why they are better than the other and worthy of going to the main house. 

Kriti Verma, the GST officer said that she wants to go inside the house because she wants to get connected with the viewers. While calling herself an unstoppable soul, she promised to entertain the viewers.

Surbhi Rana, on the other hand, introduced herself as a brave and honest person. She claimed that she is on the show to win it. Generally a loving person, she doesn’t spare anyone who wrongs anybody.

Mital Joshi, a makeup artist from Kolkata asked the viewers’ to extend their support. She also said that is a calm person and reacts only when her respect is at stake. Mital doesn’t like liars and believes in taking a stand for what is right.

The fourth contestant to have entered the BB outhouse, Roshmi Banik, a 26-year-old entrepreneur from Kolkata, said that she is a self-made person and narrated how she has faced life’s ups and downs despite being from a well-to-do family. Roshmi, in fact, indirectly accused the other three of ganging up against her and said that she doesn’t believe in ganging up as she has come alone in this world.

Roshmi continued speaking for more than five minute, which irked the other contestants who asked Bigg Boss to stop her from speaking anymore. 

Controversies have already taken flight and we can’t be any less excited to see what in store for all the Bigg Boss lovers out there!