'Bigg Boss 12' October 12, 2018 Written Update: Contestants feel Dipika Kakar is fake while Srishty Rode is sent to jail

Deepak Thakur and Surbhi Rana discuss that Sreesanth didn’t play the game whole-heartedly. He tells her that Karanvir Bohra didn’t send Sreesanth’s favourite towel along with his baggage saying, ‘I’ll keep it”. 

Dipika Kakar tells Jasleen Matharu that Srishty Rode is not a nice girl. She tells her that despite making several efforts, they have not been able to bond. She asks her who should they send to the kaalkothri, this week. Dipika says that she will send Srishty. 

Sreesanth gets shocked seeing Dipika’s manipulative side. He mimics Dipika and tells Anup Jalota how she would cry when he will return to the BB house. Sreesanth says Nehha Pendse and Dipika are trying to pull Jasleen in their team. 

Sreesanth says that Dipika deserves to go inside the kaalkothri. Bigg Boss asks them to vote a jodi and a single contestant who deserve to be sent to the kaalkothri. 

Karanvir votes for Saba-Somi Khan and Srishty Rode. Saba tells him that Bigg Boss has already given them a big enough punishment. Nehha, Jasleen and Dipika also vote for Saba-Somi and Srishty. 

Shivashish Mishra votes for Deepak Thakur – Urvashi Vani for unnecessarily making a scene. Deepak and Romil Choudhary vote for Karanvir Bohra for not being fair in Deepak and Shivashish’s case. 

Dipika, Karanvir, Surbhi Rana and Nehha change their vote to Shivashish Mishra and Sourabh Patel. They say that Shivashish should have shown regret after hitting Deepak or at least said sorry, which he didn’t. Saba-Somi also vote for Karanvir. 

Srishty votes for Dipika for being unfair in the task and refuses to accept their accusations. She says that she hit herself and Bigg Boss has already punished her for that. On the basis of majority, Bigg Boss sends Srishty and Shivashish-Sourabh to the kaalkothri. 

Sreesanth starts abusing Dipika for playing a mind game. Surbhi and Karanvir get into a verbal fight as she accuses him of being hypocritical. Karanvir goes and speaks to Deepak and reminds him how he instantly asked Shivashish to apologize to him when he got to know that he has hurt him. 

Surbhi tells Dipika that she really likes it that she listens to both sides before making an opinion and says that Karanvir doesn’t do that. She asks her if she would have voted for Karanvir if Srishty’s incident wouldn’t have happened. Dipika says she would definitely have. 

Dipika and Nehha go and share the entire conversation with Karanvir. Dipika tells them that the commoners want to draw a wedge between them and asks them to be careful. 

Bigg Boss gives a new task to the captains. He asks them to select four contestants who need to be charged up. Surbhi and Romil choose Urvashi, Nehha, Dipika and Jasleen. 

All the contestants throw questions at them while they defend themselves. Surbhi and Saba accuse Dipika of being fake but she refuses to give an explanation. Deepak accuses her of faking an injury in the JailBreak task. 

Romil asks Dipika why did she eliminate Sreesanth. Dipika says she is only answerable to Sreesanth and no one else. Deepak fights with Urvashi for not taking his side when she is around Dipika and Nehha. She refuses to accept his allegations. Meanwhile, Surbhi tells Romil that she doesn’t like Urvashi. She tells him that she feels Urvashi will fight with Deepak once the jodis will split.