'Bigg Boss 12' September 23, 2018 Written update: Salman Khan, Varun Dhawan have a gala time, No evictions this week

Sunday’s episode of Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar begins with the Bigg Band members singing Tamma Tamma as Varun Dhawan is seen grooving to its beats. He also sing a rap on the the Bigg Boss house and the contestants whom he’d met sometime back. Varun further introduces Salman Khan onstage and both of them sing Tamma Tamma together.  Salman asks Varun to complete his rap. The Sui Dhaaga actor makes an appeal to the viewers about his film which is to release in a week’s time.

Salman greets the viewers. Varun praises the set of the show and asks about why it’s like a sea. Salman says it’s because this year’s theme is that of a beach. Salman says last year Varun came on BB to promote Judwaa 2 which became a major hit. Varun says now he has taken a needle and thread  in his hand and become a tailor. Varun gifts Salman a jacket with Made In India written at its back. Varun further highlights the craft of the skilled workers of our country. Both Salman and Varun wear the Made In India jacket.

Salman shares the status of the contestants inside the Bigg Boss 12 house and tells him that one of the three nominated jodis (Saba-Somi Khan, Shivashish-Sourabh, Kriti-Roshmi) will have to leave the house and that Dipika Kakar and Srishty Rode were saved yesterday.

Salman further says that Varun went inside the house and made sure that there were a lot of fireworks. We get to see what happened when Varun went inside the house.

Varun tells Shiv that he’ll have to wear a dhoti which was kept in the store room. Varun tells the housemates that they will have to do the Made In India task in which the housemates have to make cushions. Sreesanth is the captain of the singles (blue team) while Somi is that of the couples (orange team).

A fight between the singles and couples ensues while collecting the raw materials. Dipika falls down and gets hurt too. Sree has to check the quality of the cushions made by the couples and Saba has to check the cushions of the singles. Varun leaves and tells them that the team who wins will get an advantage. Sree passes three out of the five cushions made by the couples. Saba pulls the cushions made by the singles thereby pulling the sewn thread.

Srishty loses her cool, over the unfair decision by Somi and the way the jodis tried to corner the singles. Dipika and Nehha Pendse try to calm her down and tells her that the singles are at an advantage till the time the jodis don’t become less in number.

Somi says that she found only one cushion made by the singles to be fine. This irked the singles even more. Dipika, Nehha and Srishty discuss the decision further, inside the house. Shiv comes to pacify Dipika and others followed by Somi. Dipika tells Somi that she’s fine with the decision but says what she found wrong was that Saba was the one guiding her while she was doing the quality check.

Salman and Varun meet the housemates through the TV. Shiv is seen wearing the dhoti that Varun gave him. Salman asks Shiv how he’s feeling on wearing loose clothes for the first time. Salman and Varun also pull Kriti’s and Shiv’s legs, linking them with each other. When Shiv asks Salman about his marriage, Salman says, “My shaadi is my shaadi, none of your shaadi”.

Team orange gets a shield for winning the task. Blue team has to take the name of the weaked performer, due to whom they lost the task. Sreesanth volunteers and takes his own name as the worst performer. The Bigg Band plays the song ‘Tohfa Laaya’. Salman corrects then and says that they mus sing ‘Topaa laaya’ instead.

The gharwale go to the garden area where Sree gets the Top Ki Salami from Somi and his face gets blackened. Salman and Varun call him very sporting. Srishty says that Sree’s act is the sign of a good captain.

Varun says that he has learnt how to stitch for his film Sui Dhaaga, by sitting with a tailor for three months. Varun further asks Salman to take up the Sui Dhaaga challenge. After Salman completes the challenge, Varun asks Salman to engrave his initials on a scarf. Varun further says to the girls of the country that they should be ashamed that despite being such a multi talented person, Salman is still single. Salman reveals that he learnt the needle work in childhood with his mother. Varun says that Salman is the only one to have nailed the Sui Dhaaga challenge like none other.

Salman and Varun play a game. Salman will be pulling out props from a box and they will enact a dialogue related to the prop. The first prop is a glass bottle and they sing ‘Chal Mere Bhai’. The next prop is sindoor. Salman says sindoor ko jitna door rakkho utna better hai. Varun mouths Deepika Padukone’s Ek Chutki Sindoor dialogue from Om Shanti Om. Salman says he didn’t know that there’s a woman hidden inside Varun.

The next prop is a CD of Top Bhajans of Anup Jalota. Varun sings Anup’s bhajan Aisi Laagi Lagan, Meera Ho Gayi Magan and Salman too joins him. Next prop is a cape of Crime Master Gogo from Salman’s film Andaaz Apna Apna. Varun become Crime Master Gogo and enacts a scene with Salman.

Varun tells the audience that Sui Dhaaga will hit the theatres next Friday and post that, Loveratri (Salman says it’s now become Loveyatri) will hit the theatres which is produced by Salman and the viewers must go and watch both the films. Varun takes a selfie with Salman and takes a leave.

Salman once again meets the housemates through their TV screens and tells the housemates how they were wrong in sending Anup Jalota to the torture room and apologises to him. Meanwhile, Deepak Thakur goes outside to bring Karanvir Bohra, Romil and Nirmal out of the jail. Salman says that they must have understood by now that the housemates should not take the orders of Bigg Boss should not be taken lightly.

Salman explains that Bigg Boss wants them to take their decisions with honesty. Deepak says that it’s fair for KV to go to the jail but not Romil because Romil works a lot and contributes in the household work. Romil says that he took the name of Shiv and Sourabh coz Shivashish hasn’t been working at all since day one.

Salman asks Romil who according to him should have been in the jail. Romil takes the name of Shivashish-Sourabh and Dipika. KV is asked the same question. KV takes the name of Dipika and Shiv-Sourabh. Salman asks Kriti and Roshmi to send KV, Romil-Nirmal back to the jail, despite the requests of the housemates to end their jail term.

Salman shares Saba-Somi will fight it out with Dipika-Srishty in the this season’s first dangal at the Sultani Akhaada and the winner will get a special power. Salman meets them in Sultani Akhaada and says there will be two rounds. First one will be verbal round and the winner will get one point. The second round will be kabaddi round.

Saba says Dipika is only focussed on household work and doesn’t entertain so she’s boring. Dipika says that Saba is not a strong contestant as all the conflicts in the house because of the Khan sisters. Saba says Dipika  should show her real face and not be diplomatic.Dipika says none of the Singles  unnecessarily indulge in fights.

The housemates have to vote to decide the winner. While Nehha and Sree vote for Dipika and Srishty, the rest of the jodis vote for Saba and Somi. The Khan sisters win the verbal round.

The Kabaddi round begins. The Singles win the Kabaddi round and eventually emerge as the winner of the first Sultani Akhaada. Salman gives them medals. Dipika and Srishty are exempted from doing all the household work in the house until the next Captain is chosen, as their winning prize.

Salman goes inside the house through the TV screens to share who will be leaving the house in the first evictions of Bigg Boss 12. Salman reveals that the one who’s leaving is Salman himself since he’s going home. There are no evictions this week and all the three jodis are saved from elimination. Salman says this is the first time that the makers have decided not to eliminate anyone in the first week.

In the house, Deepak Thakur can be seen discussing the game plan with Anup Jalota and says that the celebs have massive fans on social media so the jodis will have to use their brains in the show. Jasleen says that the game can be turned any day so he shouldn’t be so sure as of now. Jasleen says they must play a fair game. Nirmal tells Shiv that the jodis have the brains of 12 people while the singles have the brains of only 5 people. So they’re stronger in the house.

Jasleen tells Kriti and Sourabh that they must play a fair game and be fair in their decisions. She says that Deepak loses his mind in his enthusiasm. In another corner Srishty, Nehha and Dipika are discussing the game with Sree. Sree says that whatever has happened so far, they haven’t left their dignity.

Next morning Urvashi seems a little upset and Dipika consoles her, and says that she should be herself. Bigg Boss says that the jail term of KV, Romil and Nirmal is over. Kriti brings them out of the house.

Romil, Somi, Deepak are sitting in the garden area with Urvash Vani. Urvashi says that she’s upset with the decision taken by Somi in the cushion task and says that the decision was not fair. Urvashi says that she saw Somi cheated in the game and she saw it with her own eyes but didn’t say anything. Somi tries to shut her down, but Urvashi starts shouting and telling everyone that the Somi cheated and tore one of the cushions of the Blue team. This happens in front of Dipika.

Romil sits down with Urvashi and tells her that she should stick with her team members (read jodis). Urvashi discusses her point with Romil when Somi comes to her and they both start arguing. A huge verbal spat follows.

In a separate corner, Jasleen tells Anup that she feels Urvashi is ruining the game and that she knew that Urvashi will spark fights and create troubles. Now, Urvashi finds support in Dipika, Srishty and other singles, who try to calm her down.

The episode ends with Salman bidding goodbye to the viewers.