Delhi-based theatre group brings Tansen's story to the stage

Last year in July, the newly-formed performing arts group, The Trialogue Company, opened their play, Tansen, in the capital. The Delhi-based group had no idea that their debut venture would be accepted so whole-heartedly, and even go on to perform at the Theatre Olympics 2018 held at Bengaluru. With Hindustani Classical Music as its base, the blend of dance, music and drama is now coming to Mumbai for the first time. 

Musician and theatre personality Sudheer Rikhari, who has co-written the play along with Mohammad Faheem, and prefers to call himself the curator of the play, says that they wanted to do a performance which is a blend of all three arts – music, dance and drama. “Tansen was an apt subject. We felt that not much work has been done on him. The aim was not to just tell his story, but to ask some pertinent questions related to the life of any artiste,” he says. As an artiste, what are we looking for in our art? What is ishq (love) and what is ibaadat (worship)? Are they two sides of the same coin? “These are some of the dilemmas an artiste faces, and it’s in facing those that he goes from just another artiste to a great one,” says Sudheer. 

The play also focusses on the journey of Hindustani classical music from its origin, where it was performed in the form of Dhrupad till today’s Khayaal Gayaki. The blend of theatrical devices like music, dance and drama, helps elevate the performance to another level. “The Delhi audience has really appreciated the play and we hope that we get a similar response from Mumbai,” says Sudheer, adding that he hopes the audience connects to what it is being conveyed through the performance. “It’s an artiste’s struggle, but it’s also the struggle of any person in any field when he is faced with a choice. Do you love your work or do you worship it? That applies on everyone,” he adds. 

When: October 18, 8 pm, October 19, 7 pm and 9.30 pm

Where: OverAct – The Alternative Theatre Space, Andheri

When: October 20-21 at 5.30 pm and 8 pm

Where: The Cuckoo Club, Bandra