Kundali Bhagya 8 October 2018 Written Update: Rithvik enters Luthra House

In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya Rithvik enters the Luthra house. Monisha recognises Rithvik’s voice but fails to believe that it’s him because of his waiter-look. Prithvi takes Rithvik into the kitchen and says that he has used his girlfriend to trap Karan and the family. Prithvi warns him to stay away from Monisha.

The Antakshri game is on and Karan’s dadi not just sings a lovely song but also performs on it. She gets breathless. Rakhi arranges water for her. Monisha feels restless, too. In another scene Rithvik sees Monisha and thinks that he was wrong about her. He decides to take Monisha with him. Meanwhile Prithvi comes there and hits him from back. He gets unconscious. 

Prithvi tries to drag him from there but he overhears Rakhi’s voice. He starts lifting him again but, Rakhi sees him.

Meanwhile everyone is shown playing antakshri. Mahesh sings a song and Kareena says there is no song as such, but Shruti tells Kareena that there is one song. Kareena and Shrishti justify each other. Preeta thinks that the actual plan was to clear the differences and not to create new. Kareena leaves from there to drink water. 

Rishabh explains it to Shrishti to stay away from Kareena. She says that you know her nature. Kareena was so angry with Shrishti that she deliberately breaks her phone. Sherlin sees Rishabh and Shrishti together and thinks what is cooking between both. 

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