#MeToo: This is what Alok Nath's wife said when she was told that her husband allegedly raped her best friend

Looks like #MeToo movement has begun in India, primarily after Tanushree Dutta opened up about the distressing experience she had on the sets of 2008 fil Horn Ok Pleasss

Tanushree accused Nana Patekar of sexual harassament, after which several women have come out with their stories, and have named quite a few names from the Indian entertainmnet industry. 

Actor Alok Nath is one of these names. 

Noted female writer-producer shared a heart-wrenching account of the alleged sexual assault suffered at the hands of the leading TV actor. 

In an interview with BollywoodLife, Vinta said,”I wrote to vent out my feelings. The burden I had carried in my heart for years.” 

Even though the writer had spoken about it when the incident took place, a wave like #MeToo was not there to put the ordeal before people.

“I spoke to friends, family members and I even wrote about it in La Officiel. Urvashi Ashar from Times interviewed me as well. But it was not the #MeToo movement era in the 90s,” she added. 

And did she ever think about going and telling this to Alok’s wife, Ashu Singh? 

On this the writer said that she had, and it has been the saddest part of the ordeal, as she and Ashu were good friends, but when she raised the matter before her, the lady said that she could do nothing. 

“I spoke to his wife. She said she can’t say or do anything about it,” she told the website.

While many are insistent that Alok Nath deserves legal punishment for this alleged crime, the victim says that she would like an apology. 

She said, “For me, I would like Alok Nath to come out there and accept what he did and say he is sorry. That is the change I would like to see.”

The writer-producer also went on to say that #MeToo movement should not be gender specific and everyone who has faced sexual harassment must come out to shame the perpetrators.

“Everyone who has been exploited must come out. The sound of silence is deafening. Trust me today I feel liberated,” she added. 

The lady also went on to say that it were Tanushree Dutta’s words that gave her the motivation and strength to talk about the horrific details of the night.