Nora Fatehi to make her singing debut with Arabic version of 'Dilbar'

Nora Fatehi has been riding on a success wave eversince her song Dilbar (Satyameva Jayate) released. Nora, who has a massive fan following not just in the subcontinent but in the Middle East too, has decided to give her fans something absolutely fresh and is set to introduce a new side of hers to the world. The actress is all set to make her debut as a singer! 

Nora is set for a massive international collaboration with the Arabic brand, ‘Fnaire.’ The Hip Hop and Rock band is extremely popular in the Middle East, Africa and North American markets. They are also music producers and have launched many successful stars. Nora, will be one such pop star.

Her first song will be an interesting collaboration as it is the Arabic version of the extremely successful, ‘Dilbar’, which has gone to break several records. Nora has sung the song and will soon be shooting a collaboration video for it in Mumbai for which the band has been flown down to India. 

When asked about this huge step, Nora said, “It is a huge deal for both Morocco and India because this is the first time we will be getting Indian culture and Moroccan culture together artistically and musically and this has been my goal as well, to bring them together. As Dilbar has become a huge hit internationally, Middle East included, we have taken the song, recomposed it, written Arabic and Moroccan lyrics and we recorded me singing with the band, Fnaire. This is my debut as a singer and Fnaire will be rapping with me in the song. I am also producing the song and T series will be launching it on their channel. We have maintained the crucial parts of the song and fans will enjoy that. I really wanted to take Dilbar to Africa and the Middle East in Arabic because it was also a perfect way to launch myself.”

The video is being directed by Morocco based director, Abdel Raffia el Abdioui and the DOP of the video is the ‘Baaghi 2’ fame, Santhana Krishnan Ravichandran. The video and song will be released by T-series in October.