Sajid Khan accused of sexual misconduct by more women

Director of hit films like ‘Housefull’ and ‘Heyy Baby’, Sajid Khan was earlier accused of sexual misconduct in a chilling post shared by his former assistant director Saloni Chopra. She narrated an account of being repeatedly harassed and being subjected to misbehavior and abuse by Sajid Khan. She shared how he called her at odd hours and asked her to send bikini photos. Saloni also wrote that he touched her inappropriately and passed indecent comments about her.

Now, two more women have spoken out against sexual misconduct by Sajid Khan. A senior journalist has accused Sajid Khan of inappropriate behaviour. She shared that in early 2000s when she had gone to his apartment to interview him, he talked about how large his penis is and how he knew how to satisfy a woman. He also allegedly flashed his penis and he forced his tongue down her throat. When he met her after a couple of years, he passed a snide comment, “You are fatter than you used to be. I won’t touch you with a barge pole.”

Another actress and model, Rachel White, who was seen with Emraan Hashmi in ‘Ungli‘, replied to Saloni Chopra’s account by sharing her interaction with Sajid Khan. She said that she was called by the director to his house and although uncomfortable, she went because he told her he lives with his mother. At his home, Sajid allegedly asked her to strip as he wanted to see how she looks in a bikini. He told her if she could seduce him in 5 minutes, the role was hers.

“I believe you @redheadchopra I was sent by my agency then to meet Sajid Khan during Humshakals. Right after my agency told me about the meeting Sajid called me within the next 5 mins and said the meeting would be at his house opp iskon Juhu. I said I was not comfortable meeting at home and to that he said “don’t worry I live with my mom and she’ll be around” I felt reassured and agreed. When I went to his house the maid directed me to his room and the drawing room was empty!! It was his bedroom.” – the actress wrote.

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She further went on to narrate that while she was in a white vest and blue jeans, she still felt naked, the way Sajid was gawking at her. Inside his room, where he was doing his cardio, once he finished her walked up to her and asked about her breasts and that is how he started the conversation. He went a step further and asked her to strip, because the film he was casting for required her to wear a bikini. However, the actress refused and said that while she was happy to parade his office in a bikini but not at his home.

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