Suhel Seth accused of sexual harassment by four different women

With the #MeToo movement sweeping India, a number of high profile names have come to the fore. Several known names have been accused of harassment. The latest one is that of Suhel Seth, 55, who has been accused by at least four women, of sexual harassment.

Seth, a popular celebrity consultant, has been accused by filmmaker Natashja Rathore, 27, who posted a number of screenshots of a WhatsApp message that she sent him recently recapping an alleged incident that had taken place last year at Seth’s condo in Gurgaon. She wrote: “You shoved your tongue down my throat even when I resisted — I whacked your head and said ‘behave yourself’. You put your hand into my kurta and grabbed my breast and I remember whacking your hand too and pulling it off.”

Rathore said she met Seth at a party where her boss asked her to exchange greetings with him and get him ‘to tweet’. Seth reportedly asked her to go with him to Janpath for ice cream, which she refused twice. After he insisted, she relented and sat in his car. However, instead of taking her to Janpath, he took her to his house instead where the alleged harrasment took place.

The second woman to have accused Seth is 33-year-old journalist Mandakini Gahlot, who narrated an incident that involved Seth at a policymakers’ retreat that was held in Goa in July 2011. She wrote on Twitter that just as she was leaving and saying goodbye to the people present, Seth reached out and kissed her on the mouth, even shoving his tongue inside her mouth. Admitting she was stunned, what made things worse was the fact that Suhel, and the group simply laughed at her shocked expression. Saying that she didn’t lodge a formal complaint because she was too young, and trying to make a mark in her career, she realised that Seth was too powerful to take on.

Yet another woman, who chose to remain unnamed said that when she was only 17-years-old, Seth had sent her inappropriate messages, leaving her feeling disgusted and disturbed. She said he asked her to join in his room for her birthday celebrations and ended the conversation by writing ‘big wild kiss’.

Another anonymous woman said that she met Seth at a restaurant since he knew her father but was left appalled when the conversation turned to sex and online dating. He also put his arm around her waist, making her uncomfortable and later messaged her about his Mumbai plans after a couple of days where he invited her to his room.

When asked to comment on the allegations, Seth said he would issue a statement on Twitter but is yet to address the issue.

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Suhel Seth accuses Bhatt, Ghai of casting couch