Sunny Leone on 'Karenjit Kaur – The Untold Story of Sunny Leone' season 2: I'm not afraid of people's opinion

Sunny Leone has been the navigator of her life and career, and even though we respect and appreciate her for all the decisions she has made for herself, the society at large has called her names and has had problems with her past.

Sunny’s life and career is often engulfed by challenges, but the Baby Doll of the Hindi film industry refuses to bow down to public opinion.

All set and geared for the second season of her web show, Karenjit Kaur: The Untold Story of Sunny Leone, on ZEE 5, the beautiful lady has no qualms of putting her life out there for the world to see and judge. 

“I don’t know if my decisions are brave or just crazy. I haven’t figured it out yet,” she told Hindustan Times, while adding, “The show was a lot harder to shoot than I thought it was going to be.” 

The second season of the show will document Sunny’s rise to fame in the adult entertainment industry and her troubled relationship with her mother.

But does she fear public opinion as the world has and will witness her life’s most important moments through this show? 

“I am not afraid of people’s opinions or judgment of my life story. I just think what my family or my team members or my parents – if they were alive – would say if they watched it. Would they have approved? They are the only people whose judgment I am concerned about. I have always lived my life thinking of me and my family,” Sunny told the daily.

Yet another element used to tell the actress’ story in the web show was the infamous Bhupendra Chaubey interview. 

With questions as regressive as- ‘lot of married women believe Sunny Leone is a threat to their husbands’ and ‘how many people think of becoming a porn star’, the interview saw Sunny’s yet another side. The grace under fire side! 

While recalling the interview the Jism 2 actress said, “There is a moment when he said something and I was about to get up and go, but he said, ‘No, sit down’.” “I firmly believe in the idea that I will never let anybody get the best of me. If I had walked out of that interview, everything he said about me would have been true. It would have been the confirmation of everything he (insinuated) on that stage,” she added.

The aftermath of the interview saw film personalities coming out in the support of Sunny, and in fact she was later seen in a special song in Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees. But as of now, Sunny Leone’s career is yet to see an upswing. 

Is that because good offers aren’t coming her way? 

“This show is a perfect example of a small percentage of what I am capable of doing under the right direction. I do believe if I am offered the right project with the right director who really knows how to pull certain things out of me, it will be amazing,” the actress told the daily.

The actress also blames her reticence for not getting good offers. “I also need to be more social, meet more people. I am working on this. A lot of people have not met me and I think I have not put myself out there,” Sunny believes.

However, for Sunny Leone, at the very moment, life is perfect and that is because of her three children– adopted daughter Nisha Kaur Weber, and twins Noah and Asher

“My life has changed for the better. All three of my children are so beautiful in their own way and they are so different. Nisha is an angel from god, she is so happy and beautiful. You will never know what she came from and what she has been through if you met her. The boys are seven months old and they have not experienced anything other than love. It is so hard to leave the house in the morning,” said the happy mother.

Sunny Leone is married to Daniel Weber