Ali Asgar makes a shocking revelation, Kapil Sharma has written ex Preeti Simoes' name on his hand

Kapil Sharma has taken a sabbatical from work once again because of his mental health. His comeback show ‘Family Time With Kapil Sharma’ premiered on March 25th and was pulled off air within a week because of his absence from the sets owing to the actor’s inability to shoot. Reports also suggest that he is working on revamping the show as he and his fans were missing out the fun factor his previous shows Comedy Night With Kapil Sharma or The Kapil Sharma Show boasted off. He has even surrounded himself in a web of controversies when he went on a rant on Twitter and even filed a complaint against his ex-flame Preeti Simoes and her sister Neeti Simoes for trying to extort 25 lakh rupees from him. 

Reports are also abuzz that Kapil Sharma wants to reunite with his successful team including Sunil Grover, Preeti Simoes and Neeti Simoes but his girlfriend Ginni Chatrath is against the idea.

A lot of reports are doing the rounds and now even ”Dadi’ aka Ali Asgar made a shocking revelation about Kapil’s current situation. 

In an interview to ABP news channel, his former colleague Ali Asgar revealed that he went to meet Kapil a few days back. He said he found the comedian in a very depressed state in his office. That’s not all, Ali also said,  “Kapil seemed like a child who wanted to say something but was unable to express it. I also found that he had written Preeti Simoes name in his hand” 

Kapil and Preeti were reportedly dating during their blockbuster collaboration on Comedy Nights with Kapil Sharma and The Kapil Sharma Show. 

After the infamous mid-air fight with Suni Grover, the two of them also parted ways. In an interview to The Indian Express earlier, Preeti said, “He says he is depressed, but I want to ask why? And why aren’t his friends and girlfriend Ginni Chatrath, who he ceremoniously introduced to the world, with him when he is depressed? When we were in a relationship, both personally and professionally, he was doing well. The downfall only came after we separated.” She went on to confirm that in spite of Kapil not admitting their relationship status, the two were together for a long time. Preeti who is currently producing ‘De Dana Dan’ with Sunil Grover and Shilpa Shinde said,  “Of course we were in a relationship but Kapil as per his convenience has put it in different titles – sometimes I am a friend, creative director and manager. But I have been with the man for eight years and today I can confidently say that he is not the person I knew for years. He has changed a lot and I can’t connect with him anymore.”