Amit Sadh gears up for a new challenge

Amit Sadh, who has a love for adventure and bikes, grabs every chance he gets to fulfil his passion. Not surprising then, he’s headed on a ride to practise for Moto GP. With the sport growing in the country, the Sarkar 3 actor feels it’s a good time to participate as many Indians have been watching it only on TV. Moreover, he plans to get his own team and is looking for sponsors. He had a memorable time riding on the Buddh International Circuit (the venue for Indian motor racing track in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh), as the high-speed corners, high G turns, positive and negative camber turns amplified the entire experience.

Drawing a similarity between his journey in Bollywood and bike riding, Amit says “After training at the California Riding School in Chennai, I came to Mumbai with my pictures and knocked on each door for an audition and a part. It’s almost like I’m back in that time, to that kind of struggle, just the form is different. It’s a tough job understanding the machine, getting the best engineering possible, knocking on doors for sponsors and requesting friends to give me more track time. It keeps me on my toes and motivates me to thrive for more. I’m really excited to have a new challenge at this point in life.”