As 'Khichdi' returns to TV after 12 years, here's what Rajeev Mehta aka Praful Parekh has to say

The wacky comedy Khichdi has finally made a comeback on the television after a hiatus of 12 years. The Parekh family is back with its hilarious antics and if you loved Bauji, Praful, Hansa and others, you cannot afford to miss the hour-long show airing every Saturday and Sunday.

While producers are wary of launching their shows during the Indian Premier League (IPL), the makers felt that the cricketainment will actually benefit his show. Interestingly, Rajeev Mehta who plays Praful Parekh was present at Eden Gardens on April 14 to watch the IPL match between the Kolkata and the Hyderabad team. 

Speaking exclusively to DNA in between, he said he felt on top of the world. “I am feeling I am on top of the world because after 12 years. I’m doing the same role which I have enjoyed doing the most in my career. I grew as an actor during the process of making of Khichdi so naturally I am feeling great.” 

He said that the fact that Khichdi was popular after 12 years was probably that comedy was not made with honesty at present. “It has been a hit primarily owing to the writer Aatish Kapadia and also the director. At present I don’t see any writer of his calibre on television. It is not easy portray being duffers, convincingly. So primarily it needs a very strong script. His style of writing and using human is unique which also motivated us as actors to perform accordingly. He is the best writer I have seen on television for the past couple of years,” he said.

Talking about the acceptability of Khichdi once again, he said, “One thing I am sure about is that the loyal those of Khichdi will sure to follow. Now we have to catch new viewers for which we have made our best attempts and addition of new characters around which the serial revolves. This time in some episodes you will see celebrity artists making special appearances by celebrities such as Renuka Shahane and Rajesh Kumar.”

Rajeev concluded by saying that depending on the viewers’ reaction the entire season of 40 episodes would be completed but there was no such plan of making another film on the serial.