Bigg Boss 10 contestant Gaurav Chopra feels Hina Khan will be the winner of season 11

“It’s been one year since Bigg Boss 10 got over and there hasn’t been a single day and I am not exaggerating, not one day has passed  when someone or the other has not discussed Bigg Boss with me.” Well, that’s how the conversation with Bigg Boss 10 contestant Gaurav Chopra began when we quizzed him about the current season coming to an end. 

The actor who knows the show inside out didn’t take much time to pick one name as the winner too. Gaurav said, ” I think they will announce Hina Khan as the winner.”

But the actor doesn’t mince words when it comes to describing how the show functions. He feels what is shown on TV is quite different from what actually happens in the house.” Uttaran actor said, “What is shown on TV is not what actually happens there. Bigg Boss is extremely blatant in their strategy, I thought it would be camouflaged. But audience loves watching, it gives them voyeuristic  pleasure on TV.” He further added, ” When people say they like the person on the show they like the fact that he is entertaining on screen. But if that person was actually living in your house he will be completely different.”

When asked about how contestants who play with dignity don’t last longer in Bigg Boss, as just like his exit in Bigg Boss 10’s week 10, Hiten Tejwani was also voted out earlier than expected. Gaurav stressed on the fact that no on in the house is playing a game. He said, “There is no game you play, they play you. When the audience thinks the player is making a choice, no he’s not. When you think the player is manipulating, no that housemate is not, until they allow him to do that. You are a puppet in the house. Whatever you see a contestant do in the house, it’s not he or she doing that, the show is allowing them to do that. “

In the last few weeks, Luv Tyagi laid stress on the fact that there is a Commoners VS celebrity divide in Bigg Boss and not just in terms of fan base enjoyed by celebs inside the house. Gaurav explained, “Bigg Boss is tougher with celebrities in the house, they constantly asked us ‘what are you doing, why aren’t you participating in the task’. Why call them commoners, when all of them are struggling actors or people who aim to become actors. In last season, Bigg Boss used to give tutorial classes to Manu and Manveer, they were told what to say and how to say. They were never pulled up for not performing a task, where as a Bani even after winning the task was questioned aise kyon nahi kiya or why didn’t you do the task like that.”

Gaurav Chopra also gave us insight into how to get a better impression of the housemates locked in Bigg Boss house. He said, “If you want to get the real side of the celebrities, I feel the unedited clips released by the makers or unseen footage on Voot will give you a better opportunity to get the right impression of the person.. they have to put out 45 minutes of footage from 24 hrs captured on camera. That’s tough! See footage from these apps to get a better impression of the housemate.”

Well, in just few house we shall know if Shilpa Shinde or Hina Khan will win Bigg Boss 11.