Bigg Boss 11: 5 troublesome jodis that became the talking-point this season

Bigg Boss 11 is certainly the most controversial show on Indian television with its contestants leaving no stone unturned to target each other. While the contestants initially paid heed to the cameras, they gradually revealed their real personalities. From body-shaming each other to making personal comments, the Bigg Boss 11 contestants have done it all despite receiving flak from the viewers and host Salman Khan. 

Considering that the contestants had to live together a confined space as they undertake gruelling and challenging tasks, it didn’t come as a shock that the masks had to drop. With the Bigg Boss 11 finale all set to air on Sunday, we list some of the most controversial duos inside the Bigg Boss house. 

Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta’s ever-changing relationship

Controversy was bound to happen when Bigg Boss managed to get popular television actress Shilpa Shinde and producer Vikas Gupta together inside the house. Apparently, Vikas was responsible for Shilpa’s ouster from Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain. The controversial duo certainly managed to hog all the limelight from day one after they started fighting in front of host Salman Khan. In later episodes, Shilpa was seen alleging Vikas in front of Arshi of making a MMS video with a Hindi porn artist who looked like her. Shilpa also ganged up with Akash Dadlani to torture Vikas, so much so that Vikas almost fled the house until Bigg Boss stopped him. Though the housemates were shocked to see Vikas and Shilpa getting cordial again towards the end of the show, the controversial duo made sure to be in the spotlight always.

Hina Khan v/s Arshi Khan

Hina and Arshi remained at loggerheads throughout the season and they only tried to be cordial towards the end when they needed each other’s support. While Hina left no chance to slut-shame Arshi time and again and looked down upon her background, Arshi had a constant problem with Hina’s arrogance. Meanwhile, Hina also had a problem with Arshi’s clothing as she was often seen in nighties on the show. While their fights was a source of entertainment for the audience, the duo was slammed by both host Salman Khan and the co-contestants. Arch-rivals Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde

Hina and Shilpa have not only been arch-rivals ever since the beginning of Bigg Boss 11, but also have emerged as the two most popular contestants on the show. In one of the recent tasks, Shilpa didn’t think twice before smashing Hina’s favourite ‘Sher Khan’ cup gifted to her by beau Rocky while in a recent video, Hina can be seen talking about Shilpa and saying ‘she talks like a call girl’. Time and again, everyone thought that finally Hina and Shilpa may bury the hatchet and begin afresh, keeping a harmonious bond, the hopes of a reconciliation were always shattered. Both Hina and Shilpa seemed to have a bit of an ego tussle throughout the season 11 Bigg Boss and it never ended. 

Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma’s romance

Bigg Boss is not complete without some on-screen romance and this season, Bandgi and Puneesh were the lovebirds who managed to cause a stir inside the house. While the duo started off to fake romance, but it turned out to affect Bandgi life outside the show as her boyfriend Dennis Nagpal reportedly said that he would dump Bandgi. Later when Bandgi was evicted, she revealed that her romance with Puneesh was in fact real. 

Akash Dadlani forcing herself on Shilpa

While Shilpa was considered to be the ‘Maa’ of the house and she happily mothered Akash and Arshi, Akash crossed her boundaries and tried to get physically close to Shilpa time and again. In fact, in one instance, Akash forcefully hugged and planted a kiss or two on Shilpa’s cheeks and even after Shilpa rebuked him for touching her inappropriately, he did not stop. Only before Akash’s eviction, Puneesh made him understand that he can be charged for molestation if he continues to behaves like this.