Bigg Boss 11| Here's how Shilpa Shinde, Vikas Gupta, Hina Khan & Puneesh Sharma spent their last day in the house

Bigg Boss 11 is all set to witness a grand finale tonight, when superstar Salman Khan will announce the winner for this season.

Telly audience is going to be hooked to their TV sets to see who among Puneesh Sharma, Vikas Gupta, Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde will become the winner. So on the last day of their stay in the house, Bigg Boss decided to take the contestants down the memory trip.

Vikas Gupta was the first contestant who got to relive his journey in the show when Bigg Boss showed him a snippet of his journey.  Vikas started to get emotional as Bigg Boss narrated his journey to him. From being at war with Shilpa Shinde to becoming a cry baby who wanted to quite the show and how he bounced back as the mastermind in the show.

Hina Khan also became emotional while watching her journey on the screen.  A strong contender and the ‘Task Queen’ of BB11, the actress’ journey has been extremely dramatic. Tear were rolling down Hina’s eyes when she saw her journey once again. Bigg Boss even called her ‘Sher Khan.’ Hina came out with a smile and Puneesh asked her if she liked the presentation. Hina replied saying that she loved it, and how it was full of emotions.

Next up was, Puneesh Sharma. Bigg Boss stated Puneesh had been the most loyal friend for everyone in the house. He said how Puneesh always took the side of what was right over who his friends were. His angry young man ways to his love boy act when Bandagi Kalra was inside the house,Bigg Boss praised him for being the only commoner who survived till the finale. 

Shilpa Shinde also thanked Bigg Boss for giving her the opportunity to show her real side to the world. Shilpa smiled and cried as she relived her journey in the house. Shilpa couldn’t stop smiling as she saw her kattha-meetha relationship with Vikas unfold on the screen. 

Now all eyes are going to be on the finale episode, when all contestants come together once again.