Bigg Boss 11: Vikas, Shilpa get emotional on meeting family members, Priyank's girlfriend exposes him

With the luxury budget task on the anvil, the Bigg Boss 11 contestants were in for an emotional ride on Thursday. Though the day started with Arshi Khan and Akash Dadlani getting into an argument and Hina Khan getting upset with Hiten Tejwani, Bigg Boss gave a special surprise to the contestants as part of a task titled ‘Statue’ by bringing their family members for a quick meet and greet.

The first visitor to enter the house was Puneesh Sharma’s father. While he went around with a personalized message for each one, he tells Puneesh that Akash is his real friend in the house. Upon ‘Release’, Puneesh embraces his father and bids him goodbye as Bigg Boss asks him to exit the house. As Bigg Boss again tells everyone to stand still, the next visitor inside the house is Arshi Khan’s father. While he greeted everyone with a smile, he misrecognized Shilpa Shinde as ‘Hina Khan’. However, he later apologised to Shilpa and told her that she is going strong. He also tells Arshi to change her hairstyle and look and soon, Bigg Boss tells Arshi to lead her father to the exit gate. But as soon as he leaves, Arshi tells Shilpa that she was looking at her father with bad intentions and both of them get into an argument. As Vikas tries to intervene, Arshi starts fighting with him too and claims that she would misbehave with Shilpa’s family member. 

The next to enter the house was Shilpa’s mother. Her mother tells everyone that she is happy that her daughter had got the tag of “ma” but requests the housemates to respect the word, if not Shilpa. As soon as Shilpa is released from her position, she takes her around to show her the house. While everyone meets her, it is only Arshi who does not even greet Shilpa’s mom. 

Interestingly, while everyone is emotional to meet their family members, Priyank gets shocked when his girlfriend Divya visits the house, only to accuse him of faking a relationship with Benafsha Soonawalla (without naming her). She also tells him that he has hurt many girls including her and advices him to to follow Vikas only. While Bigg Boss did not allow Priyank to talk to her, Hina and Puneesh tell Priyank after Divya leaves that her visit has portrayed him as a playboy. Hearing this, Priyank claims that there was nothing between him and Benafsha.

Meanwhile, Vikas and Hina will get to meet their dear ones on Friday. Stay tuned for more updates from the Bigg Boss house.