CBFC knocks off reference to the PM in sleazy film

The Central Board Of Film Certification (CBFC) seems to be going through a critical period of moral re-adjustment. After Prasoon Joshi took charge of CBFC, a sleazy sex-horror film X Zone was banned.

Now, there’s another film titled, X Videos written and directed by Sajo Sundar, being passed almost uncut with an ‘A’ certificate. A source says, “On the one hand, the guidelines clearly state that films with gratuitous sex and violence must be curtailed and even banned, but on the other, we have X Videos, which is filled with sleaze and nudity that has been passed with just one sentence being cut.” The sentence that has been ordered out had a mention of the Prime Minister.

X Videos is the story of three friends, one of whom decides to make a sex video with his wife to “look back in lustful nostalgia when they grow old”. However, the sex video is leaked and the wife is shamed on the internet. In repentance, the husband commits suicide. The rest of the film is about the other two friends swearing revenge against those responsible for their friend’s humiliation and suicide. “Plain sleazy trash,” is how a source describes the film.