CBFC members to take film industry inputs for easy certification process

After the recent revamp of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) the first meeting of the new members was chaired by Prasoon Joshi

on Monday

.The board members have decided to facilitate industry interaction to refine the certification process.

Prasoon Joshi says, “It was important to have this meeting as early as possible for the Board members to know each other and exchange ideas. The Board comprises of accomplished people and it was enriching to have meaningful discussions around the functioning of the body.The way forward will draw from the collective wisdom and experience of this group.”

Prasoon says that the valuable insights from the interaction of the Board members will pave the way forward. He adds, “The purpose is clearly to make things better for all stakeholders.”

The CBFC members have also discussed how to come closer to the film industry.They have decided to organise a meeting with filmmakers to take their inputs to make the certification process as smooth as possible.

Vidya Balan also attended the first meeting of the Board and says, “Our first meeting was towards understanding our role as the Board and determining our approach. It was reassuring to know we are all on the same page.”

While Vani Tripathi Tikoo, who’s a continuing Board member, says,”The spirit of understanding and sensitivity to art is the take away from our meeting.”

The meeting was attended by – Gautami Tadimalla, Jeevitha Rajashekar, Mihir Bhuta, Naresh Chandra Lal, Neil Scott Nongkynrih, Ramesh Patnage, TS Nagabharna, Vani Tripathi Tikoo, Vidya Balan, Vivek Agnihotri and Waman Kendre. Also present was the CBFC CEO Anurag Srivastava.