Celebrity Column | Shirishly Speaking: From Angrez ki Aulad to desi GoT, Shirish Kunder answers all

Angrez ki Aulad

Dear Shirish,

I’m a South Bombay boy, and as everyone knows, we are different from the rest of Mumbai. I have never watched Bollywood films, as I find them stupid and illogical, and I am not even aware of most Bollywood stars. And just like me, my kids also watch only Hollywood movies. But at their school annual day, some of the school parents told me that I’m doing a wrong thing by not exposing my children to Bollywood films and that my kids are missing out on our Indian culture. I don’t know what Indian culture is shown in Bollywood films, but do you think there is any problem if my kids continue watching only Hollywood movies?

—South Bombay Boy

Dear South Bombay Boy,

Not at all. Except that if something happens to you, or if there is any emergency, your kids may call 911. And by the time help arrives from America, it may be too late.

Desi Game of Thrones

Dear Shirish,

I am a TV producer, and I have made a few successful shows for some big TV channels. But of late, this industry has become very frustrating. TV channels only talk big things, but they have no logical plans to achieve them. Every time there is a meeting with the channel, they say they want a show like Game of Thrones, and then they give us only a few lakhs to make it. How is it possible to make a multi-million dollar show like Game of Thrones in just a few lakhs?

—TV Producer

Dear TV Producer,

Of course, it’s possible. It may look like a poor version of Game of Thrones. But you can justify it by calling it Musical Chairs.

Bhagwan Bharose

Dear Shirish,

I am a great believer in God. I am a struggler, who came to Mumbai on bhagwan bharose to become an actor in Bollywood. But I have not got any break so far. I had started doubting myself, wondering if I am even cut out for this industry. But now, after watching Kangana’s interview on nepotism, I have understood that the problem is not with me. The problem is with this industry that only functions on nepotism. Only children from film families get opportunities in this film industry. And dreams of unprivileged people like me, remain just dreams. Why has God made the world so unfair for people like us?


Dear Struggler,

Because most of the Gods are also Gods because of nepotism.

Waqt Hamara Hai

Dear Shirish,

Everyone says I’m ahead of my time. What should I do?


Dear Genius,

Send your question next week.