Dia Mirza: We have to teach ourselves to remain compassionate every day

Actor Dia Mirza on emotional well-being, love and happiness.

Q. Let’s start with love and relationships and happiness…

“Relationships and love are two most important links to well-being. Happiness can truly exist if we have people to share it with. Happiness is state of being wherein one’s thoughts and actions find alignment. Happiness is love finding expression.”

Q. Your life lessons…

“The most precious life lesson that my mother often repeats is: Live each day like it was your last. It makes us value, and be grateful for, all we have; it pushes us to work harder on the things we want to change.”

Q. The turning point in your life…

“Winning the Miss Asia Pacific title in 2000. I experienced a paradigm shift.The opportunities and possibilities that opened up for me thereafter is the rea son for all that I have achieved.”

Q. How do you handle drawbacks and perceive setbacks?

“Drawbacks are catalysts of growth. Life pushes us to understand ourselves better, become more self-aware and provides us motivation when we find ourselves struggling. Setbacks are like a reset button.”

Q. How does one remain compassionate in our tough world?

“We have to teach ourselves every day to remain compassionate and caring. Nothing gives us more perspective than to remain connected to life beyond our own self. Pain, anguish, hurt, are emotions that I embrace and value. Because this is what makes us human.”

Q. If you could change one thing in this world what would it be?

“Our false idea of progress. I wish we could change this material, consumerist idea of growth to a more social and spiritual one – progress is about achieving well-being, having an economic and ecological balance. All social and economic development must be linked to ecological balance. The world will have healthier children with access to clean air, water, nutrition and education if we managed to achieve this balance. I’d want to change the sense of apathy in fellow humans. Most of us consume, waste, and live as if protecting nature isn’t our job. I want to change that apathy to concern and involvement.”

Q. The fitness freak adventurer in you…

“I have learnt to value and respect my body. I make it a point to exercise regularly. I travel because that always leads me to discovery – external and internal. Exploration and adventure nurture my spirit of inquiry.”

Q. Your life purpose is…

“When I am in the forest and I am observing the wild, I understand with great clarity that life is about performing our function to the fullest. Our purpose is understanding with clarity what that function could be.”

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