Employees no longer just want cool offices, looking for meaningful benefits

Employees across companies are no longer only content with cool offices and the perks at the workforce. Research by global employee engagement and customer loyalty firm BI WORLDWIDE has shown that there is a higher pull towards companies who practice what they preach.

In an interaction with Moneycontrol, David Litteken, Vice President-Asia Pacific Region for BI WORLDWIDE, said that while perks by companies are a factor that keep employees engaged, he feels that individuals are also looking at tangible outcomes like whether the employer solves problems differently and if company heads inspire them.

Employee happiness has also become an important factor at the workplace, said Siddharth Reddy, Managing Director, BI WORLDWIDE India. BI WORLDWIDE has about 45 active clients in India across sectors in the area of employee engagement.

Total rewards, that refer to the tools used for attraction, motivation and retention of employees is what companies across sectors are looking at. These also include learning and development activities that are personalised to the needs of the individual worker.

Cool companies

Litteken said that unlike popular perception, several ideas that originated from Asian markets have been industry-first in terms of engagement. “We have noticed that several countries have been mobile first in Asia and all engagement activities revolve around making the content friendly to the mobile device,” he added.

Adding to this, Reddy said that countries like India are on par with several of those of the western world as far as a lot of engagement related practices are concerned. Most of it also depends on the age of the employee and the sector in which they are employed.

“Engagement activities can longer be one size fits all. Each employee’s needs have to be identified and benefits suitably designed. We are seeing more Indian companies getting aware of that,” he said.

In some markets like China, there was a belief that employees would want locally manufactured products. However, Litteken said that their needs were often aspirational and benefits provided to meet those exact needs proved to be a better tool.

Apart from the employee engagement space, BI WORLDWIDE is also looking at other areas of expansion including marketing communications and event production. The company is open to acquisitions, said Reddy, if it adds meaning to their existing operations.