Farrah Abraham & Mob Wives Star Drita D’Avanzo Are Feuding Over A Public Appearance Gone Wrong — Catch Up On The NASTY War Of Words HERE!

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Farrah Abraham and Drita D’Avanzo are not messing around!

The Teen Mom OG alum and the Mob Wives star are going at it right now, in an epic war of words perfectly fit for reality television that all centers on a public appearance gone wrong in Atlantic City, New Jersey last week.

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It all started when Farrah claimed publicly that Drita walked away from their joint public appearance in the middle of the event last Thursday — a claim Drita denies, instead arguing that she was there the whole time, and “no one paid attention” to Farrah.

Well, that snide remark didn’t sit well with Abraham, who just fired off one hell of a missive against the Mob Wives maven, telling Us Weekly (below):

“It is just annoying how unprofessional someone is. I am super professional, so I was just fucking annoyed. I was just like OK, let me know what I can do on my part, I can’t stay any longer to make up for anything, but I will do my part … They were like you don’t have to stay until the end time, thank you so much for hanging in there and being here. Their team was pissed off that Drita left and did not tell anyone, can’t find her and they were like what the fuck is she doing.”

OK then!!!

It’s not just words, though — D’Avanzo physically threatened Farrah in an Instagram video posted after the event, calling out the former porn star for her complaints and threatening to physically beat her (below):

Ooooooh boy, did that REALLY set it off!!!

First off, early reports held that Farrah was reportedly filing a restraining order against D’Avanzo over the threat!!

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She also laid into Drita in another quote to the gossip mag (below):

“I did not even mention her name. I don’t want to work with unprofessional people with no integrity … The next day she had to go ahead and, like, use my name in everything and get press attention … I blocked her because she wants to use my name to be more famous. She is pathetic. I am the one that shows up for work and I work hard and I take care of people and I treat people right. She is just over there bitching about money and trying to get booked and she can’t follow through on a job.”


And D’Avanzo’s response?! Another video about physical violence!!!

Just yesterday, Drita posted once again to her IG account, this time arguing that Farrah needs “a good old fashioned slap” (below):


Now, call us slightly skeptical, but there is a promotional component to this for both reality TV ladies — so maybe the feud isn’t all it seems??

New reports out this morning suggest the restraining order threat is just that — only a threat — and that Farrah won’t be filing anything against Drita any time soon.

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Farrah herself told TMZ today that her lawyers have fired off a cease and desist against Drita, but did NOT mention a restraining order. For whatever that’s worth…

D’Avanzo got wind of all that and spoke to the outlet herself on Tuesday, BTW — and it doesn’t sound like she’s afraid of Farrah or legal threats one bit (below):

“She already backed down by getting a lawyer involved with the restraining order bullshit. Tell that pig I’m going to call her people and book an appearance for her at my house! I’ll pay her the two hours even though her appearance will last about a minute.”

…..Well then!!!

It doesn’t sound like Farrah’s going to be up for that appearance invitation, though; her last words thus far about the controversy summed it up prettyw ell from her end (below):

“I don’t see pathetic people.”

And that’s that. Whew!

We’re exhausted just from reporting all this — imagine how Farrah and Drita (and their legal teams?) must feel! LOLz!!

What do y’all think about this new feud, Perezcious readers?! All talk and no action?? Pretty solid as far as reality TV feuds go??

Let us know your opinions in the comments (below)!!!

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