Freida Pinto: Waiting for the right thing

After the super success of her debut international film Slumdog Millionaire, Freida Pinto did not work for nearly two-and-a-half years! In the latest issue of Elle, the actress admits that she could have easily had a career with double the number of films and shows that she has done so far, but “it was about waiting for the right thing”.

She says, “There is a great deal of anxiety that comes with the waiting. I was plagued with doubts: is my career dead? Is my time over? The media likes to write its own version and when you’re already feeling vulnerable, it can be really tough.”

She, however, learnt to become a stronger person and is grateful for all the ups and downs, “especially the downs — because what they taught me is that I have a lot of grit”. And now, the actress has been winning rave reviews for her debut TV show Guerrilla.

“It’s like what it was right after Slumdog Millionaire, where there were back-to-back offers. But this time, the roles I’m getting are challenging and people want to bet on me,” she says happily.