From Jessica Jones to Vidya Bagchi: 6 Badass female protagonists that this generation needs!

What do characters like Jessica Jones, Vidya Bagchi and Jessica James have in common? Answer: They’re simply badass. In a world dominated by male protagonists, strong female role models is what this generation needs. Films and Television have often portrayed women who are in need of saving rather than being their own saviour; or frequently they are cast as supporting characters to make their male co-stars’ character more well-rounded… But not anymore!

The past few years has seen quite a transition in the portrayal of female characters in films and TV series. From the cute, bookish girl-next- door to the girl with a don’t-mess- with-me attitude, women today are celebrated for being funny, independent, strong and unapologetic of who they are. Here’s our list of 6 films and shows that we think will inspire you to be the best version of you and will motivate you to keep pushing through obstacles in life:

1) Marvel’s Jessica Jones

Strong female lead? Check. Great storyline to keep you hooked till the very end? Check. Marvel hit all the right buttons with ‘Jessica Jones’. Krysten Ritter’s portrayal of the tortured Jessica Jones, a detective suffering from PTSD, is a very well told story. Jessica, like all of us, has obvious flaws and is constantly at war with her demons. But this doesn’t hold her back. Her character is driven by anger and fear but woven with a thread of compassion for those whom she loves and cares for (and will certainly break necks of those who threaten them).

2) The Incredible Jessica James

Had a pretty crappy day at school or at work? Put on some music and dance away all your pain! That’s the very first thing that Jessica Williams, as Jessica James will teach you. Jessica is a struggling playwright wanting to make it big in the city of New York while trying getting over an ex-boyfriend. The movie celebrates rejection letters from theatres companies, several bad dates and heartbreaks, only to come out of it stronger, more positive and with a little sense of humour.

3) Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brains, fearless and uber sassy. Brooklyn Nine-Nine has three stellar female characters that speaks for a generation of women. Melissa Fumero playing the over-achieving Amy Santiago will reaffirm your beliefs that smart is the new cool. Despite her quirks and being the butt of all jokes, she still is able to garner respect from her colleagues. Stephanie Beatriz plays no-nonsense, leather-jacket wearing Rosa Diaz. She is fearless and doesn’t waste time sugar coating her friend’s poor choices. Chelsea Peretti’s character, Gina Linetti is a fabulous, sassy oddball with a dry sense of humour. Her personality makes her the “Paris of people” on the show and will certainly make you want to be your biggest fan.

4) The Blind Side

Brought up into a society where being a racist is considered normal, or even ‘okay’, Leigh Anne Touhy dared to stand out of the crowd. Sandra Bullock’s compelling character is a blend of strength and vulnerability. She is undeniably bossy, stubborn, believes in doing as she pleases and doesn’t look for anybody’s approval or suggestion because she knows what she’s doing is right, by her books.

5) Kahaani

A woman-centric thriller film is somewhat of a paradox, given Bollywood’s history. Vidya Balan’s portrayal of Vidya Bagchi won several hearts and was definite proof that a woman can carry the entire story upon her shoulders. Vidya Bagchi travels to Kolkata in pursuit of her missing husband. It is a story of a woman’s solo adventure in Kolkata, in pursuit of her missing husband. You get to see Vidya Bagchi’s vulnerable, as well as her demonic-rage monster side, depending on the situation and circumstance. All this, while she’s pregnant (or is she?).

6) Stranger Things

On a scale of one to Eleven, how much do you love Stranger Things? Many, to this day, believe that by showing any resemblance or want to be ‘like a girl’, makes you weak. Let’s take Eleven, for example, throughout the show she wanted to feel “pretty”, enjoy locks of hair brushing her shoulders and wear a pink dress. With an outstanding cast, this show echoes that strength isn’t determined by what you wear or how you look, but in the way you move. Or with a slight, sudden movement of your head, in Eleven’s case.