Hrithik Roshan’s sister Sunaina pens a heartfelt blog on battling Cancer

Documenting her life experiences, Hrithik Rosan‘s sister Sunaina Roshan has penned ‘Zindagi’, a beautiful blog who’s next chapter has been unveiled today. Sunaina Roshan expresses her struggles through a series of blogs to inspire others to fight back.

Sunaina has been through a broken marriage, battled depression, diabetes and hypertension, undergone bariatric surgery, sought psychiatric help and survived cervical cancer. And through it all, she’s come out strong and smiling, with a willingness to share her experiences through inspirational blogs that she has penned down.  The next chapter is dedicated to Sunaina’s struggle through Cancer, where she has written at length about the all the struggle she has gone through while battling cancer. 

Sharing the first chapter Sunai Roshan tweeted, ” I fought hard & I won …..”.

Sunaina started writing after earlier this year she was diagnosed with a severe kidney infection and was confined to bed rest. It was then when the brave heart realized the importance of family in her life. Sunaina now believes that it is only your core family that actually stands by you.

You can read her blog post here.