Huma Qureshi slams airport looks

Recently, Karan Johar tweeted about how his presence at the airport went unnoticed by the paparazzi. He wrote about how he wore a new jacket, big sunglasses and a new bag pack positioned for capture, but “The paps were not there!” His tweet had the celebrities in splits.

However, Huma Qureshi, who has had her highs and lows with the fashion police, is not happy with the airport-look culture. “Who the hell invented the airport look! I just want to know that. Why are people dressed up in heels and jackets and blow-dried hair and red lipstick? Where are they going? What’s happening? Do you know how much you have to walk? Do you know how uncomfortable it is? Why are we doing this to ourselves, girls…” she thundered on a TV show, Inside Access. Touché!