Jamie Dornan visits James Corden's 'playroom' in 'Fifty Shades' spoof

Jamie Dornan visited James Corden’s Late Late Show to promote his new movie Fifty Shades Freed and instead, found himself in Corden’s playroom.

What followed was ’50 Shades of Corden.’

In a spoof of the Fifty Shades franchise, Corden takes Dornan in front of a door and tells him that his ‘playroom’ is just behind it. Like an innocent person, Dornan assumes maybe it’s a place where the Peter Rabbit star keeps his XBox. 

But without budging, Corden continues in a sultry voice, “It’s important that you know you can leave at any time. I meant what I said. A helicopter is on standby to take you anywhere you want to go.” A la Christian Grey.

The door opens and The Fall star can barely keep it together after looking what’s laid in front of him.

He turns and says, “You’re a nerd.”

“I’m a hobbyist,” Corden responds.

Corden ties a bandana on Dornan’s neck and asks him to call ‘signal master.’

What follows is one hilarious ride!

The third instalment of the movies based on EL James erotic novels is set to premiere on February 9.

Directed by James Foley, the movie will see Dornan reprise his role as Christian Grey and Dakota Johnson play Anastasia Steele.