Josh & Anna Duggar Celebrate Wedding Aniversary, Get Slammed By Fans

It’s been two years since the world learned that Josh Duggar molested four of his sisters and one other minor.

For obvious reasons, the Duggars have been eager to sweep that shocking scandal under the rug, but thankfully, some vigilant former fans aren’t allowing them to do so.

In keeping with the promise they made to TLC, the Duggars have not brought Josh on Counting On, the reality series they launched after 19 Kids and Counting was canceled due to advertisers cutting ties with the network in disgust.

But the Duggars certainly haven’t given up on helping Josh earn a pardon for his crimes in the court of public opinion.

Every time Josh and wife Anna mark a new milestone, the Duggars use it as an opportunity to rebuild Josh’s public image.

Earlier this month, Anna welcomed her fifth child, and the Duggars posted photos of the happy couple all over their social media pages in hopes of garnering a favorable response from fans.

The photos were quickly removed after fans expressed their displeasure.

But now the Duggars are rallying behind Josh again – and receiving the same predictable results.

Jim Bob and Michelle posted the above throwback photo in celebration of Josh and Anna’s ninth wedding anniversary this week.

“Happy Anniversary Josh and Anna,” the caption read.

“We love you both so much and are so thankful for God’s grace and love in your lives. We pray He will be with you as you follow Him. Love, Mom & Dad PS–We are also thankful for the beautiful legacy of five wonderful grandchildren!!”

Needless to say, fans didn’t share those warm feelings:

“There is no way I could stay married to this man let alone have more children with him!,” wrote one follower., referencing the recent birth of Josh and Anna’s fifth child.

“I live [sic] the Duggar family’s and the shows but it disgusts me to even hear anything about Josh .. to me Anna is staying against her will .. she’s staying because of his and her family’s sad,” she added.

“Dudes, again, your son has major issues,” commented another fan. “Parading him and his family in the public eye just makes people feel terrible. It’s too soon.

“For the sake of his recovery, his wife and the rest of your family it might be best to keep your love and support private for now. I’m sure they don’t need the inevitable negativity. Their family has suffered enough from being in the public eye.”

Some followers were even more blunt, making it clear that their anger toward Josh for his appalling misdeeds will never dissipate:

“Ugh he’s such a smug arrogant a–hole. I go back and forth being angry at her and feeling so badly for her,” another wrote. “What a mess. She – and especially their children! – don’t deserve all of this.”

We’d say they’ve probably learned their lesson from this incident, but this is the Duggars we’re talking about – they never learn from anything!

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