Kumkum Bhagya Update: Pragya is shocked to know about Abhi's remarriage in September 5 episode

September 5 episode of Kumkum Bhagya revolved around Munni, Abhi and Pragya.

The show started with Munni(Sriti Jha) running to Abhi(Shabbir Ahluwalia) as he screams after being hurt. Dadi and Dasi tried to calm him, while Mithali Bhabhi blames everyone’s concentration on Pragya lead to Abhi getting hurt. Dadi and Dasi insisted that Abhi’s wife needs to conduct a pooja to ward off evil eye. Abhi is least interested in this but Munni manages to convince him. Pragya entered the house as soon as they started doing the pooja. Curious to know why the house is all decked up, she gets even more surprised to see Abhi doing a pooja in the temple at their house. Dadi broke the news about Abhi’s second marriage to her, later she even overheard Abhi saying that the girl saved him and gave him a new life. Pragya gets emotional to see the new developments in their house.

But Abhi continued to attract Munni’s attention, he pretended to be hurt to get her attention and even tried flirting with her. But Munni escaped by saying that she was busy in the kitchen. Munni sat in the room worried about her feeling for Abhi and wondered how will she get the papers signed by him.Tanu and Aliya walked in asking her why she was found doing the arthi when she was supposed to get the signatures. Munni assured them once again that she will get the papers signed by Abhi for sure. Next scene, she bumped into Abhi who pulled her close to the dismay of Tanu. Munni handled the situation by dragging him away from the place. As they walked up to their room they saw Purab(Vin Rana) and Disha(Ruchi Savarn) walking in. Disha had made kheer for the family and Purab asked them to approve of their new bahu after tasting the kheer. Pragya is shattered as she walks out of the Mehra house. Pragya decided to stay away from their happiness and never recall Abhi back to those memories as she is dead for him and that should remain the same way.