Laura Govan Denies Being Vincent Herbert's Mistress As Accused By Tamar Braxton — Gilbert Arenas Enters The Fray To Make Things REALLY Messy

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Nothing like having a good ol’ knockdown, drag out fight — in public — between a bunch of celeb exes with complicated baby momma relationships and a ton of accusations flying around, right?!

Perfect thing to end 2017!!!!

So here’s where we’re at now with the messy situation between Tamar Braxton, Vincent Herbert, Laura Govan, and, um, apparently Gilbert Arenas: Braxton has called out Govan for being Herbert’s alleged mistress who is having a love child (more HERE), and Braxton then went on the record to talk about Herbert’s Christmas Day arrest and give an update to her divorce proceedings (more HERE).

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But wait, there’s more! Govan is now opening up to TMZ, telling the outlet that she is NOT the “whore” Braxton mentioned as allegedly getting pregnant by Vincent Herbert.

Laura claims not only has she never been with Vince, but that she’s not pregnant at all, and is in a happy relationship “with someone else.”

Hmmm… as for what Tamar’s motivation would be if she were lying, Laura speculates that it’s Arenas, the former NBA star (and Govan’s ex) who started the Herbert cheating rumor, and that’s fueled Braxton more than, you know, actual facts.

Ok. So THAT would make sense as to why Arenas COMPLETELY went off on Instagram late last night.

He called out Govan and really, really made things messy with a big rant that started right here (below):


The line “”We might need tear down your vagina and build you a new vagina” sure is… uh… well, it’s something, isn’t it? Unreal!!!

Arenas continued, too, calling out Herbert in a separate message warning him about Govan (below):

“@thevincentherbert I don’t know who’s pregnant but if it’s my @BM RUN N**** RUN. I know you cant run that fast big fella so get you a hover board/scooter or something and #georgejetson the f*** outta hear becauz she’s about to f*** yo whole life up. She’s about to have you out her like (soulja boy in January) (tyrese in november).”


So it’s clear Gilbert Arenas isn’t a huge fan of Laura Govan… but for what it’s worth, she denies she’s Herbert’s baby momma mistress.

Messy, messy, messy!!!

[Image via Brian To/WENN.]

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