Little People, Big World Fans Shower Amy Roloff with Support

Amy Roloff isn’t having the best week.

During what ought to be a very exciting time for the Little People, Big World star (it’s pumpkin picking season on her farm!) has instead turned into a controversial one.

It all started last weekend when tourists streamed to the Roloff compound in Oregon to select decorations for Halloween and the upcoming fall season.

According to various witness accounts, Amy was basically shoved to the background on her own property, as ex-husband Matt Roloff and his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, took over the proceedings.

Chandler was spotted greeting customers and acting as if she owned the place… even though Amy literally owns the place.

A Radar Online insider said this week that Matt and Caryn “ran the show,” as the latter “even posed with fans” because she’s now a TLC cast member.

Click through the gallery below for more on this situation:

Elsewhere, Caryn also reportedly hosted a birthday party for Matt.

Which is totally fine and normal on its own, of course; she’s his significant other and everything.

But sources claim she didn’t even invite Amy to the proceedings!

We can’t completely verify these stories, but we can at least state that Amy has plenty of support on social media.

Consider the following photos and captions on Instagram:

“I finally got to @rolofffarms and I got to meet Amy!” wrote the woman below along with this picture, adding of Amy:

“She was lovely and the farm was delightful! We got some pumpkins and some great pictures! #happyfall #rolofffarms.”

So glad to hear it!

Another fan gushed over Amy in even stronger terms.

“A couple of weeks ago I got some sad news about a good friend of mine back home,” the Instagram user below explains, adding in detail:

“I decided to take a trip down to Portland to get away and visit a friend and @rolofffarms. It was refreshing taking my mind off of things that were going on personally.

“That being said @amyjroloff was the best.

“A couple asked if I would take there picture with her and I gladly accepted. As they were getting set up the baby dropped his paci. Amy bent down, picked it up, wiped the dirt off of it with her sleeves. I said only a mother would do that.

“In just the few short minutes I got to interact with her you could see the good from her. Good that I needed to be reminded of. So thank you Amy!”

Roloff, for her part, hasn’t addressed the controversies mentioned above.

In one of her messages from last weekend, Amy focuses on something – and someone – a lot more important than petty family squabbles.

“Thank you everyone that came out to @rolofffarms Pumpkin Patch this weekend. So many take aways but one that really hit me emotionally- a man who loves watching LPBW is terminally ill and has about 6 months to live,” she wrote online, expounding:

“On his bucket list is to visit as many places as he can w/ his wife. One place was Roloff Farms- to meet us and get a picture with his wife. What do you say to that.

“I was humbly thankful to meet him. We love meeting and seeing all of you.

“There is a lot of time hard work and heart goes into hoping you have a great time and in picking out that perfect pumpkin. Can’t wait to see y’all next weekend.”


While it’s interesting to talk about an alleged feud between Caryn and Amy and maybe other members of the family, this really puts things in perspective.

We wish this Little People, Big World supporter the best of luck.