'Lord of the Rings' TV series will be five-seasons long, costing $1 million and above

Turns out, the small screen adaptation of Lord of the Rings is all set to be the most expensive TV series ever, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The battle for rights of the popular series was going on for quite some time between Netflix and Amazon. The negotiations have resulted in Amazon acquiring the rights of the series, adapted from JRR Tolkien’s books for $250 million, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The five-season series deal ensures that the show must be in production within two years. The series is expected to cost upward of $1 million, with all castings, producers, and visual effects factored in.

The fantasy-adventure genre films came out as a big hit and earned about $5.85 billion worldwide.

The deal mentions that this TV series can use material from the movie franchise. This means, according to a report by io9, that material can be props, costumes, sets, location in New Zealand, footage from the movies, or even participation of actors like Elizah Wood (who played Frodo in the original trilogy) and Ian McKellen (who played Gandalf).

The THR report also said that director Peter Jackson, who delivered the six movies based on Tolkien’s novels, is in talks with the streaming service about his potential role in making the series.

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