Neena Gupta's daughter Masaba has a cracker of a reply to trolls who called her 'Ilegitimate West Indian'

Not just Chetan Bhagat and Shashi Tharoor got trolled for supporting Supreme Court’s decision to ban the sale of firecrackers, Neena Gupta’s daughter Masaba also got trolled for retweeting in support of the ban. The talented fashion designer was trolled and shamed for her stand and how!

But just like her bold fashion clothing line, Masaba had a cracker of a reply to all those who name shamed her on social media and called her ‘bastard child’ or ‘illegitimate West Indian’.

Masaba tweeted a long post which reads, “Recently I retweeted in favour of fire cracker ban by the Supreme Court and like every other issue in the country, big or small…the trolling and bashing began. By calling me names like ‘bastard child’ or ‘illegitimate West Indian’ it only makes my chest swell with pride.I am the illegitimate product of two of the most legitimate personalities, you’ll find and I have made the best life…both personally and professionally out of it which I am proud of.”

She went on to say that this name calling has been a part of her growing up years as well. Masaba wrote, ” I have been called these names since I was 10 years old and ever since I could read the newspapers these are the two words I am immune to.”

Running a successful fashion brand, Masaba has created her own identity now and is extremely proud of it. She went on to write, “My legitimacy comes from the work I do and what my contribution to my society has been.And you can try but you will not be able to raise a single finger on the two.So if you please…you must.Go ahead and calling me these names. If it makes you feel glorious.”

Hopefully, the final words from the girl would shut up haters for once and for all, “I am a proud Indo-Caribb

ean girl who doesn’t know how to shrink and crumble in shame of something you or your society cannot handle. It’s just in my ‘illegitimate’ genes.

Sonam Kapoor who is often seen dressed in Masaba creations also tweeted in support of her and wrote on Twiiter, “Love you Masab…you make us all damm proud.”