New images from ‘Wonder Woman 2’ take Gal Gadot in the 80s, also give a surprise to fans

By the grace of Artemis, Wonder Woman fans got the first sneak peek at the upcoming sequel when lead actress Gal Gadot and director Patty Jenkins shared  new photos on social media.

A few days ago, Jenkins had revealed that the new movie for the Amazonian warrior will be set in the year 1984.The picture she shared today confirmed the theories while throwing a nice surprise for the fans of the first Wonder Woman movie.

Yes, Steve Trevor is alive and kicking it off in nice white sneakers that were all rage in the ’80s.

Jenkins shared the picture of Chris Pine, who played Wonder Woman aka Diana Prince’s love interest. Pine is seen in a shopping mall, sporting a different hairdo, standing in front of background that screams the ’80s.

As if that wasn’t reference enough, Gal Gadot’s image just underlines where we will see Diana next. In the first movie, Diana’s past had the bookends of current time. It began with Diana working at the Louvre and ended with her vowing to protect humanity.

In the picture, Diana is seen standing in front of shop window full of CRT TV monitors that are displaying ’80s pop culture references.

The sequel has cast Kristen Wiig to play the villain Cheetah. Game of Thrones veteran Pedro Pascal also has been cast in a pivotal role.

It is being speculated that in the second stand-alone movie, Wonder Woman will stop the world war from going nuclear, given the story arc set during the peak of geopolitical tension.

Wonder Woman’s box office success changed the dynamics for Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot. Jenkins became one of the highest paid female directors when she signed on for the second movie. A little over $800 million at the till gave negotiating powers to Jenkins and Gadot. Latter used it to have Brett Ratner, who is accused of sexual harassment in the wake of Me Too movement in Hollywood, removed as producer from the movie.

It also helped that Wonder Woman was the DC Extended Universe film that was loved by the audience and critics alike 

Second installment is scheduled to release on November 1, 2019.