Not just the look, Akshay Kumar is also changing his voice for '2.0'

That trademark drawl that we all associate with Akshay Kumar, won’t be heard in Shankar’s 2.0, the eagerly-awaited sequel to Robot where the actor will play the antagonist for the first time.

To ensure that there is a distinctiveness in Akshay’s personality as an antagonist, not only has he changed his entire physical look, but he will also sound different in the Hindi version of the film.

Akshay’s voice will be dubbed in Tamil and Telugu. In the Hindi version of 2.0, he will speak in his own voice, but will sound completely different thanks to a technological sound enhancement that changes the voices.

Says the Oscar-winning sound designer Resul Pookutty, “We are working on it. After struggling for weeks, Shankar and I have discovered a method. We are not fully satisfied with the voice quality yet. In a while, we will get the perfect voice and pitch for Akshay.”