Padmavati: Will Ranveer Singh gain from pain?

Ranveer Singh getting injured on Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s sets has strangely become a good-luck charm of sorts for the films as well as him. This is his third movie with SLB after Ram-Leela and Bajirao Mastani and like the previous two times, this time too, he had to do hospital rounds, after he hurt himself during a sword-fighting scene and both films were huge hits.

Will history repeat itself?

Ranveer has become superstitious about the connection between his injuries and the film’s success. He believes that if he gets injured while making a film, it’s bound to become a hit. Says a source from his entourage, “Ranveer had hurt himself while shooting for Ram-Leela. The film became a huge hit. During Bajirao Mastani, while shooting for a war scene, he suffered a fracture and injured his shoulder badly. He had to undergo rigorous physiotherapy to recuperate. Look at the results — Bajirao Mastani was a hit and both, Ranveer-Deepika, swept all awards. The team is hoping that history repeats itself.”

Third time’s the charm?

Ranveer sustained three injuries during the shoot of the movie. Says a source, “Ranveer injured his hand (yet again) while shooting a sword fighting scene for Padmavati. He had to be rushed to a hospital at a late hour. Once his treatment was complete, he went back to the set. Previously, he had hurt his ribs, while doing a wrestling scene, and had to get immediate medical attention. Another intense sequence was the cause of a head injury.”

Maybe his injuries do bring him luck. Because the trailer of Padmavati, which features Ranveer as the fearsome anti-hero Alauddin Khilji, has brought him massive love from all quarters, as compared to the reaction to Deepika and Shahid in the film.