Purab Kohli: I'm inherently a traveller

After the massive production, he recently was a part of, Purab Kohli is back in Mumbai. “That was my wedding,” he laughs, referring to his marriage with Lucy Payton, his longtime girlfriend and the mother of his two-year-old daughter. The couple took their wedding vows in Goa in February, and it’s just last week that they drove down to the city, his first road trip with Lucy after they officially became man and wife. Ask him if anything feels different and he says, “It doesn’t, actually. We have been together for long now and our coming together has been quite an interesting journey. The celebration and exchange of vows really cemented the foundation that was already laid a long time ago.”


On the work front, Purab was recently seen in a short film Camouflage, where he played an army officer. He tells us this time he portrayed the character differently as compared to his role in the TV series POW. “In POW, the character was on the edge, whereas here, he has become a cynic. Not too many people get that there’s a reference to the Mahabharata and it’s Krishna and Balram in conversation before the former sets out for the war,” says the actor, who is happy with the response to the film.

While he has done only two fiction shows in his 20-year career — Hip Hip Hurray in 1998 and more recently, POW — Purab says that daily soaps don’t give him satisfaction. He has hosted a travel show earlier and that’s a genre that he would like to explore more often. “I’m inherently a traveller,” says the actor, who’s based in London and Goa, keeps coming down to Mumbai for work commitments. He also finds web shows exciting. Having done two seasons of the critically-acclaimed Sense8, Purab says that web series are the order of the day. “I get at least two calls every month to do a web show,” he says, adding that he recently shot the finale episodes of Sense8, which will be on air soon.


For somebody who has survived two decades as an actor, and continues to explore different mediums and content, Purab says he’s extremely picky, “I say no to 90 per cent of the projects offered to me. Thankfully, what I’ve said yes to has worked. I’ve survived for a long time living like this, so I have no complaints. But one would like to have some control,” says the artiste, who has taken to writing.

“I’ve had an idea for a crime-drama for a long time now and I’ve finished the first draft of a feature film. I recently jotted down an idea for a love story as well. As an unfulfilled actor, there are a lot of roles I would have liked to do, but they have not come my way or I’ve not had the opportunity to play them. I think that’s why I write, because I want to tell the story of a character,” concludes the actor, who was last seen on the big screen opposite Sonakshi Sinha in Noor.