Shekhar Kapur to direct his first stage musical

Shekhar Kapur, at age 71, continues to conquer new peaks. The filmmaker will soon be directing his first stage musical, which is about conquering the highest peak of the Alps in Switzerland.

Shedding light on it, he says, “Yes, isn’t it something else? To be able to do what I want to do? Though I’ve produced a stage musical, Bombay Dreams in London, it was not directed by me. Now, I’m directing a stage musical for the first time. It is a play called The Matterhorn authored by Michael Kunze.”

The curiously quaint and epic play has the mountain peak addressing the hero the Britisher Edward Whymper. Chuckles Shekhar, “Yes, can you believe it! The Matterhorn reverses the traditional relationship between man and nature. It actually has the mountain peak talking to man.”

Shekhar says he was attracted to both the theme and the format of presentation. “I loved the idea of doing a stage musical on the bond between man and nature. The music is being done by Albert Hammond who is a legend in his own right having done evergreen songs like It Never Rains In Southern California and One Moment In Time. I look forward to going on stage with these enormous talents.” Shekhar goes on stage at the famed St Gallen theatre in Switzerland on February 17.

Do we get to see his lavish stage debut in India? “Well, Bombay Dreams was never staged in India, but I am confident The Matterhorn will find its way here,” Shekhar says.