Super Dancer Chapter 2| Here's how Farah Khan became victim of pranks on the show

Super Dancer Chapter 2 witnessed a guru-shishya special episode and judge Geeta Kapur was more than delighted to welcome her mentor and Maa Farah Khan for the special show. 

Farah said she did not want to be on the show as all were making her look old here- Geeta called Ma and also Anurag Basu called her Dada and she would look fat if she sat next to Shilpa Shetty. 

But then she was also emotional about her collaboration with Geeta and said she is her partner in crime and she does no choreography without her. The Gurus and Shishyas got swapped and the first were Vaibhav with Akash Thapa as they performed a fun act.  Farah asked is she could also stand on the table and cheer for performers but her idea got rejected by the production team saying that they had only one table on the sets of the show. 

Next performers were Akash Mithra and Vivek was his new Super Guru. Both of them dress up like girls and danced to Mastani song. This time Shilpa got a ladder for herself as she climbed it to salute the duo.Akash called Farah ‘Nani’, and he wanted to know what the two-Farah and Geeta have done together and Farah told him that they do show wherever they get money.

Farah gets trolled as she is shown one of her old videos when she was dancing like robotics and was blushing with embarrassment. She does that again with the kids but later also asked for the person who got this video. In middle of performances by the contestants,  Farah remembered how her brother Sajid Khan used to irritate her so much when they were small. She also related incidents how he used to shoo away guys who used to try flirt with her. 

Farah Khan was definitely a delight to watch on Super Dancer Chapter 2.