The Shah Rukh Khan connect in 'Ittefaq' trailer being attached to 'Golmaal Again' REVEALED!

While the Ittefaq trailer being attached to Golmaal Again is seen as a Karan Johar and Ajay Devgn patch-up, there’s another angle to this story. Let’s not forget the Rohit Shetty-Shah Rukh Khan connection. SRK is the co-producer of Ittefaq and shares a bond with Rohit who has directed him in two films. So, naturally, the actor played a part in attaching the Ittefaq trailer with Shetty’s Diwali bonanza.

Gaurav Verma, Chief Revenue Officer, Red Chillies Entertainment, says, “We have always enjoyed a great relationship with Rohit Shetty and are thankful to him and Reliance Entertainment for attaching the Ittefaq trailer with Golmaal Again. We are happy with the response and appreciation the Ittefaq trailer has received and Golmaal Again will give us an opportunity to showcase it to a wider audience on big screen.” Now, you know who the connecting link is.