Vidya Balan: I completely understand the insecurity of girls who want to work here

Over the years since her debut ‘Parineeta’ (2005), Vidya Balan has made friends in the industry. While she’s often spotted at many a B-Town parties along with her husband, producer Siddharth Roy Kapur, she tells us that has taken her so many years as she was always on the guard. The actress, who’ll be seen in this Friday’s release, ‘Tumhari Sulu’, reveals that she was always looking behind her shoulder. She elaborates, “Sometimes, you might think that a person likes you, but because you have heard all sorts of stories, you are wondering if he is out to exploit you. I know that now no will take those chances with me; hence, I’m more comfortable. I completely understand the insecurity of girls who want to work here. Fortunately, my survival was taken care of and I never had to think of giving up my dream and going back to where I came from, if I didn’t get a pay cheque every month. That’s a privilege. I have seen cases where people have behaved absolutely well with me, and then behaved nastily with other girls. I tell those girls that don’t keep quiet, usko suna do. If you don’t want to make it a big issue, at least usko bol do ki he is scum, and that you don’t want this kind of work. I am aware that when it comes to speaking up, there is always a fear lurking that agar naam kharaab ho gaya, then people will look at you as a troublemaker and they wouldn’t want to work with you. We have heard of instances where married superstars have had affairs with actresses and then the actresses have gone out of work, because the rest of the industry shuns them. I remember telling someone down South while working on my first film that I don’t need the money, I am happy to work for free, but I will work on my own terms.”

Vidya Balan stays at PM Modi’s bullet proof tent at Rann Utsav


Vidya Balan stays at PM Modi's bullet proof tent at Rann Utsav